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Larsen Cello Strings

All LARSEN cello strings have a solid steel core and except for the LARSEN AURORA strings, all LARSEN A and D strings are wound with chrome steel. The LARSEN A and D strings are combined with a variety of G and C strings. The LARSEN AURORA strings offer an affordable entry into the LARSEN range without compromising on quality. The A and D strings are wound with a corrosion-resistant alloy, the G string is wound with nickel and finally the C string is made with tungsten. The LARSEN MAGNACORE cello strings have a powerful, throaty sound that is not lacking in warmth. With the LARSEN SOLOIST'S versions you achieve a fuller tone with even more presence and focus. The cello series IL CANNONE by LARSEN has been hailed as a step in the evolution of cello strings. Available in two versions, "direct and focused" and "warm and broad", all eight strings are compatible with each other and fully interchangeable. Both the C and G strings have steel cores and tungsten wound, while both the D string and the "warm and broad" A string have solid steel cores and stainless steel wound. The "direct and focused" A string uses a unique material that is currently being patented.



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